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Exemples de bannering

Description of the different formats:

1. Leaderboard:

This banner is always at the top of the page. It is ideal for attracting new visitors to your website, raising the profile of a brand, getting a clear message across to a large audience, and it has been shown that it helps turn visitors into customers for the merchandising sites. This is the most usual format, which has already proven itself!

2. Skyscraper:

This type of banner can be designed in various formats (HTML, image maps, Flash, etc). It's currently the most widely-used model in search engines. The direction of reading ensures the visitor's gaze and attention is immediately drawn to it.

3. Pixel/Button:

The Pixel/Button is a smaller format than the common banners, but just as effective. It's the ideal format for conveying a short, edgy message (ideal for sponsoring or branding). This format can be adapted to “double button” or “triple button”.
1 pixel / button (120x90)
2 pixels / button (300x100)
4 pixel / button (300x250)

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About Infobel

Infobel uses all media formats to manage, develop and offer a continuously updated database of some 140 million European telephone subscribers.

Infobel also offers webvertising services, direct marketing and B2B data services (standardisation, updating, address verification and scoring), as well as the sale and hire of address files.