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today, is the most profitable and least expensive option for advertising in the directories sector in Belgium.

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What does a referral through offer?

Since its on-line directory was first set up, Infobel has seen continuous development, offering ever more and more services to its users and customers. Referrals through various search engines and local searches are good examples of this, making the website an indispensable tool.

Listing one’s company on guarantees an effective response to the growing demands of potential customers who are searching quickly for a service provider.

When an Internet user is looking for a company, whether this is in a region and/or in a very specific area, he or she is expecting a relevant and immediate response.

Consequently, a company that appears at the top of the list of results will have its potential sales increased while meeting the requirements of Internet users !

Today any company that misses out on the quality of its positioning in the Internet directories is just giving its potential customers away to its competitors…”

With his experience, Infobel has created 3 solutions in the form of subscriptions to help you list your company the best way.

You can see below a clear and concise overview of the various solutions we offer to reference and to best position your company in the directory Infobel (keywords, territory, descriptive text, ...).

Infobel offers you 3 solutions, presented as subscriptions, to highlight your company.

The various options for offers are listed in a summary table below. In this way you get an instant overview of the possibilities for promotion, based on multiple criteria (geographical area covered, text added, etc).

Improve the SEO of your company by adding information on your business ! Your company is listed among the first results. Your business is listed in the first results just after the TOP REGION’s results. Your company appears in the results by alphabetical order.
Name to publish
Phone number(s)
Fax number
Mobile number
Business category 5 3 1
Free text 1000 characters 500 characters
Keywords 10 5
Advertising coverage 25km 5km your area

Offer your Business a top position on Infobel !
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About Infobel

Infobel uses all media formats to manage, develop and offer a continuously updated database of some 140 million European telephone subscribers.

Infobel also offers webvertising services, direct marketing and B2B data services (standardisation, updating, address verification and scoring), as well as the sale and hire of address files.