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The world largest and up to date database of over 100+ million business listings and point of interests in more than 70 countries

  • 100+ Million Business listings and POI’s

    All our Business listings and point of interests are aggregated and collected from reliable, verifiable, up to date sources with a daily to maximum monthly refresh cycle. All our Business data are categorized in a granular classification and reflects the comprehensive local active business universe (commercial and non-commercial). Museums, Railways Stations, Airports, Schools, Public Buildings and services,…etc are also covered.

  • Main Attributes

    Name(s) (Official Registered Name and/or Directory Name and/or Commercial Name-DBA),
    Full Address (Street name, Street Number, City/Village, Zip Code),
    Phone Number/Fax, Longitude/Latitude,
    Business Category (Infobel Categorization system and official Local Registered classification),
    Main Website, Email

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  • Infobel Global Places data includes:
    Attribute Records
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    This table shows the records that have this attribute. Not all records will have all attributes (e.g., beaches usually do not have a phone number).

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