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The world largest and up to date database of over 25 million business listings and social point of interests (social places) in more than 70 countries

  • + 25 Million Business listings and social point of interest (social places)

    All our Business listings and social point of interests (social places) are aggregated and collected from reliable, verifiable, up to date sources with a daily to maximum monthly refresh cycle. All our Business data are categorized in a granular classification and reflects the comprehensive local active business universe (commercial and non-commercial). Museums, Airports, Schools, and services, … etc are also covered.

  • Main Attributes

    Name(s) (Official Registered Name and/or Directory Name and/or Commercial Name-DBA), Full Address (Street name, Street Number, City/Village, Zip Code), Phone Number/Fax, Longitude/Latitude, Main Website, Email.

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