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Infobel’s solution to hiring and selling addresses:

Solutions allowing you to buy or hire databases to promote your B2B or B2C prospecting.
Using a detailed range of socio-demographic data, Infobel allows you to better split up and target prospects for each of your commercial activities.

Business files (B2B)

Files of small, medium and large companies, independents, liberal professions.

Consumer Files (B2C)

Target group based on various criteria.

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Main characteristics of this solution for Belgium:

Business files (B2B)

This database has almost 900,000 companies, independents, liberal professions liable for or exempt from VAT or non-profit making organisation status in Belgium.

Possibility to select target group based on various criteria such as:

  • Geographical area
  • Sector of activity
  • Number of employees
  • Turnover
  • Language regime
  • Legal form
  • etc ...

Consumer Files (B2C)

This database contains almost 3.2 million households in Belgium (all files conform to the law on the protection of private life and exclude those people who do not want to be canvassed or receive commercial mail).

Possibility to select target group based on various criteria such as:

Examples of criteriaGeneralAmenitiesLocationStandard of living
Agevehicle ownerhouse-moveincome
composition of householdtype of vehiclegeographical areahousing assets
genderfixed telephone line subscribertown
language usedmobile phone subscriberprovincetype of living space
etc, ...Internet subscribergarden
method of heatingpopulation densityowner
cable television subscriberetc, ...tenant
etc, ...etc, ...
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About Infobel

Infobel uses all media formats to manage, develop and offer a continuously updated database of some 140 million European telephone subscribers.

Infobel also offers webvertising services, direct marketing and B2B data services (standardisation, updating, address verification and scoring), as well as the sale and hire of address files.