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Infobel: increase your market share by using Web Signals

Our added value:

Infobel is the only company able to provide the kind of highly detailed information that allows you to better understand and better target your existing and potential customers, and to gain a better understanding of their products.

Based on the information provided by the companies themselves on their websites, Infobel analyses and structures this information and links it to signaletic data on these companies in order to enable you to better reach them in the context of your traditional canvassing process.

The Infobel solution:

We offer this profiling for the countries listed below together with the number of businesses for which we can provide the detailed criteria in the 3 different PACKS.

Countries and numbers of businesses




Europe’s specialist in telephone data
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Infobel data

About Infobel

Infobel uses all media formats to manage, develop and offer a continuously updated database of some 140 million European telephone subscribers.

Infobel also offers webvertising services, direct marketing and B2B data services (standardisation, updating, address verification and scoring), as well as the sale and hire of address files.