Infobel Pro Cash collection
The ideal solution to rapidly retrieve unpaid bills.

Our added value:

When you’re trying to retrieve unpaid bills, checking the identity of an individual can be costly in time and money.
The Infobel Pro Cash collection solution is a sure-fire way to save you that time and money!

1. Our solution: Infobel Pro Cash collection.

What we know:

What we offer:

2. Why choose Infobel’s Pro Cash collection solution?

Data searches for debtors – SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE
Online directories
Carry out the search: 10 searches to create a file
Search time: 20 minutes per file
Search criteria: 6 different criteria available
Search result: 1 result window
Data follow-up and update: new search needed
Infobel Pro Cash collection
Carry out the search: 1 search to create a file
Search time: 2 minutes per file
Search criteria: 24 different criteria available
Search result: 10 results windows
Data follow-up and update: automatic
Europe’s specialist in residential &
business identification.
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About Infobel

Infobel uses all media formats to manage, develop and offer a continuously updated database of some 140 million European telephone subscribers.

Infobel also offers webvertising services, direct marketing and B2B data services (standardisation, updating, address verification and scoring), as well as the sale and hire of address files.