B2B targeting

Business targeting high added value

The best leads for prospecting and marketing

Our solution

Do you actually know the value of your B2B files? We can detect and identify the high-added-value targets hidden within these files for you!

Our added value

During the analysis of your files, we identify the SoHo (Small office and Home office) businesses and the hidden high-added-value targets. This service is fast and efficient, and is the ideal solution for optimizing the quality of business/consumer files and identifying new leads with high added value!


  • Automatic standardization of the file before updating.
  • Updating and/or validation
    SoHo : Small office & Home office
    Business (B2B) : using your B2B files, we will detect the potential for prospecting through a commercial activity score. This score is based on commercial details.
     National ID: using the B2B file received, validation and/or update of the VAT national ID based on contact details.
  • Delivery of file: 3 options
    Delivery in 3 working days
    o Real-time delivery
    Transactional service