Lead fullfilment

Get new targeted prospective customers

Complement your target file and increase your customer/prospective customer data base

Our Solution

Are you looking for a service to improve the scope of your data? Lead Fulfilment is the ideal solution to compare or complement the data in your target file, analyze the profile of your existing customers or identify a specific target!

Our added value

Using a detailed range of socio-demographic data, Infobel allows you to segment, target and complement the data files and identify various target groups within an existing customer database.



  • Complement your file with targetted leads
  • Rent or buy an Infobel Direct Marketing categorized file
  • Creation of your categorized marketing file based on your chosen socio-demographic data. From your customer file or prospecting file .
  • Based on available socio-demographic criteria, identification of a target group within your addresses' file .
  • Increasing your prospective customer base using your target file, and after deduplication of your data using the Infobel Direct Marketing database .