Alert System

use data to warn populations in case of emergency in real time

The best way to do alert quickly a population facing imminent danger.

Our solution

Are you a company specializing in the management of emergencies and would like a geo-enabled alert tool? Our Alert System quickly helps you warn citizens who may be exposed to the consequences of a serious event within a defined area.

Our added value

Infobel's Alert System is reliable and effective, and the best prevention solution for informing a group. With our complete database, you have access to quality data that is continually updated. Both global and multilingual, our platform allows you to act quickly and effectively in a number of countries, 24/7/365.


Alert System is a solution that allows you to carry out extensive searches and identify a population on the basis of the following geographic criteria: :

    • Address (with or without street number + possibility of range)
    • City
    • Zip code (or zip code range)
    • Area based on geographic coordinates (X, Y).

Once this database is identified, it allows you to integrate these results into any population alert system.