InfobelPro Data Improve API

Improve business data worldwide in real time

The best solution to update and validate my customer and prospective files with phone numbers and other data.

Our solution

InfobelPro Data Improve API is a file processing solution. From a name and an address we validate the information received and make appendings with all the information available in the signage.

Our added value

- Multi-country platform with extensive search criteria allowing companies to improve, complete and validate professional files in a fast, flexible and automated way in an environment free of all advertising.
- This platform allows companies to develop value-added services that require the search and verification of contact data details for companies.
- Available for 72 countries.


  • Automatic standardization of the file before updating.

    The address is standardized based the information available in the country selected

  • Updating and/or validation is possible from a phone number or name-address-town.

    A phone number is added or validated on the basis of personal details.

  • Business attributes
    National ID ( official)
    Legal form
    state update
    Business category and description
    Non-marketable DNCM* flag
    SEO flag
    B2C attributes
    Date of birth
    Income group
    Non-marketable DNCM* flag